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Fox News becomes the MSM?


In spite of Fox News reporter James Rosen essentially being accused by the Justice Department of undermining national security, there may be an upside for his employer. Or it might be another downside, depending on your point of view.

Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple writes that the investigation of Rosen has put Fox in the same league as bigger mainstream news outlets, like the Associated Press, which were also previously targeted by the DOJ...

From Wemple:

Opinions expressed on Fox News quite often condemn the Associated Press and the New York Times. They’re liberal media outlets, we hear — cheerleaders for the Obama administration. That said, they’re both long-established news organizations that do unmistakably groundbreaking work on national security on law enforcement, two areas in which Fox News has sought to become a player. By getting lumped in with the AP — the subject of a wide-ranging secret subpoena — and the New York Times — also an involuntary participant in such cases — Fox News has acquired insta-gravitas in this area.

As Fox News host after Fox News host pronounces that Fox News is in this exclusive snooped-upon club, you can nearly hear the high-fives traded in the sets and executive offices.


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