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Company Creates Pork-Laced Ammo Designed to Send Islamic Extremists 'to Hell


"...the truest form of defensive ammunition ever created in history."

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South Fork Industries, a company based in Dalton Gardens, Idaho, has come up with a concept -- and a product -- that is sure to raise eyebrows. The business is touting pork-laced bullets, which they hope can be used in the battle against radical Islamic extremism. Called "Jihawg Ammo," the ammo is supposedly coated with pork-laden paint.

While some may be scratching their heads over why bullets would have pork infused into their paint, consider the theology behind the concept: Muslims aren't allowed to ingest pork, so if adherents are shot with these bullets, as the Daily Mail notes, they will be considered "unclean."

The company's website explains that the concept first emerged in 2010, while Idaho residents were sitting around a campfire and chatting about the contentious Ground Zero mosque that, at the time, was taking the nation by storm. While the group touted the importance of the freedom of religion during the conversation, they also felt that the mosque's placement was inappropriate in light of the 9/11 terror attack.

So, they came up with a purported solution and response.

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In explaining the product on the company's website, its owners provide context and a bit of history:

"Our preference is peace first but if a fight is to be had we are determined and resolved to win. Thus came the beginning of the truest form of defensive ammunition ever created in history," the website proclaims. "Jihawg Ammo is certified 'Haraam' or unclean. According to the belief system of the radical Islamist becoming 'unclean' during Jihad will prevent their attaining entrance into heaven."

The goal, then, isn't just to create headlines. In addition to sparking angst (which the bullets most certainly will), the theological perspective is that, through an Islamic lens, these bullets would purportedly prevent those who are Muslim from receiving eternal glory.

The product, the company claims, is  "a natural deterrent to radical and suicidal acts of violence." And in a press release distributed this month the company also said that the ammo will help send terrorists "to hell."

To ensure that no one takes the message too far, South Fork Industries warns that the bullets should only be used for defensive purposes against radical Islamists -- and not for offensive means.

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The company is calling the effort "peace through pork," but it's likely that critics will certainly disagree that the effort will yield tranquility.

Regardless, at least one expert also claims that the premise that the pork would keep extremists from heaven, at least based on Islamic theology, isn't correct. In an interview with Religion News Service, religious studies professor Shannon Dunn, from Gonzaga University, said that the company has an inaccurate understanding of Islam.

"There is no penalty for coming into contact with pork given by the Koran," she said. "To my knowledge, Muslims, especially unknowingly, would not be banned from heaven for eating or getting hit by pork. There are some interpreters who suggest that Muslims should eat pork rather than starve, if faced with that alternative."

So, there you have it. It seems there's a bit of debate surrounding the theology -- but it's a fascinating story and a contentious product nonetheless.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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