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GOP Congressman Calls For Independent Counsel to Investigate IRS Scandal


The Obama administration has found itself under fire from civil libertarians and the public at large for several policies involving the surveillance or unilateral execution of American citizens.

From drones, to the Department of Justice monitoring of journalists, to the most recent bombshell reports that the National Security Agency has surveilled the telephone and phone records of millions of Americans, critics quickly point to the lack of consistency with the president now as compared to his campaign calls for greater transparency at the White House.

Arizona Republican Rep. Matt Salmon joined 'Wilkow!' Thursday to discuss preventing domestic drone strikes, and The IRS Anti-Abuse Act. Among the scandals to rock the Obama administration in 2013, none is perhaps more shocking than the revelation that offices within the Internal Revenue Service were targeting conservative groups for audit or judgements for tax exempt status.

The IRS Anti-Abuse Act, which was introduced by Salmon along with Reps. Paul Gosar and David Schweikert, makes it illegal to discriminate against organizations and individuals based on political affiliation and ideology. Rep. Salmon also discussed the NSA scandal, and the shame Congress should feel for not knowing such controversial surveillance policy was going on. Rep. Salmon also called on an independent counsel to investigate the IRS scandal.

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