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Dick Morris mocks own 2012 election prediction

Dick Morris/dickmorris.com

Washington, D.C.-- If nothing else, pollster Dick Morris sees the humor in his abysmal 2012 presidential tea leaf reading.

During the Road to Majority Conference, hosted Thursday by the conservative Faith and Freedom Coalition, Fox News host Mike Huckabee recounted his 1993 bid for Arkansas' lieutenant governor with Morris as his political consultant.

Huckabee said that on election night, with the results of only five counties in, Morris told him with certitude, "You're gonna win."

"I told [Mitt] Romney the same thing!" Morris yelled out to laughter from the audience.

"You were better 22 years ago," Huckabee joked. "You should have stuck with me."

Right up until election night this past November, Morris, then a Fox News contributor, was steadfast in his belief that Romney would defeat President Obama.


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