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How Angry Would You Be if You and Your Family Got This Receipt from a Restaurant?


"Fu**in needy kids."

The sports bar may be called “Friendly's,” but for Joseph Gibson the experience was anything but that.

Gibson thought it would be fun to spend Father’s Day with his son at Friendly’s Sports Bar and Grill in St. Louis, but was shocked when he read what his waitress put on his bill [final charge on the receipt]:

Facebook (redacted).

Now, ordinarily, Friendly's only serves customers 21 or older. But Gibson said he called in advance to see if it was okay for him to bring his son and they said it was alright.

"Normally, we don't let anyone in who's under 21," general manager Denny Domachowski said in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch interview.

"But the guy said he was with his kid for Father's Day and they were just leaving the (Missouri) Botanical Garden, so I said 'Sure,'" he added.

As far as the “needy” part is concerned, Gibson said all he did was order a chicken dinner for himself and requested an extra chicken leg for his boy.

And the meal went without a hitch -- until the waitress brought out the receipt, of course.

Domachowski said the message on the receipt was simply a joke meant for the kitchen staff and that the waitress merely forgot to delete it before presenting Gibson with his bill.

But Gibson was unimpressed with the joke and vented about it on Facebook:

i dont [sic] know how good this will do. my child and i sat in for a late lunch early dinner. the receipt explains for what. i called the manager or someone in charged [sic] i explained how offended i was and what actions were going to be taken. i got if your [sic] that highly offended then dont [sic] come in....click. i asked the server why this was needed i got oh im [sic] sorry it was just a joke between a coworker and i. im [sic] sorry. so customers with children are a joke? this place isnt [sic] so friendly. i got nowhere with management.

Domachowski, for his part, said he apologized to Gibson twice and has reprimanded the waitress, but later added that Gibson was "making a mountain of a mole hill."

Of course, the manager acknowledged he "wouldn't want anyone calling my granddaughter, who is four, that."

So, how angry would that receipt make you?


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(H/T: Gawker). Featured image Friendly’s.

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