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Caught on Dashcam: Transgender Woman Flashes Police Officer After Dancing Topless on Side of the Road


"How about this. How about I take you to jail?"

Photo Credit: Orange County/WESH-TV

A transgender woman (who is reportedly still legally a man) landed herself in a heap of trouble on Friday night after a police officer confronted her. During the incident, which unfolded in Orlando, Florida, Corwin Mathis apparently exposed her breasts.

Based on the police report, the trooper stopped when he noticed Mathis dancing topless early Friday morning. The bizarre incident only intensified from there. While she, at first, covered up, once the officer approached, she, again, exposed herself.

Corwin Mathis' mugshot (Photo Credit: Orange County/WESH-TV)

"I’m going to put it on, man," Mathis can be overheard saying on a dashcam video that captured the entire debacle (this was a reference to a shirt that the individual can be seen putting on in the clip).

The police officer, apparently not intending to entertain these antics, then tells Mathis, "How about this. How about I take you to jail?"

And that's exactly what ended up happening, according to WESH-TV.

Photo Credit: Orange County/WESH-TV

Mathis, who was argumentative throughout the traffic stop, was taken into a police car, where she also reportedly admitted to selling sex (you can watch the dashcam video here).

Among charges of indecent exposure and resisting an officer without violence, she faces accusations of prostitution.

According to Internet arrest records, this isn't the first time that Mathis has found herself in a legal conundrum.


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