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Marijuana Mommies of Beverly Hills Insist Smoking Pot Makes Them Better Parents


The "pot moms" insisted that marijuana has actually helped quell their various pains and ills and anxieties

Four pot-smoking mothers sat down with CNN’s Piers Morgan to “come out of the closet” in order to help bring the drug into the mainstream.

In the fascinating interview Friday, the foursome spelled out their quest and eschewed conventional wisdom regarding how effectively one can parent if they’ve inhaled or consumed marijuana.

The "pot moms" insisted that marijuana has actually helped quell their various pains and ills and anxieties and that it's less harmful to the human body than alcohol.

America, allow us introduce you to:

Cheryl Shuman, head of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club. A cancer survivor who says she was in hospice care, explained it was important for her to “come out of the closet as a corporate woman” who smoked pot.

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It's her belief that there's a "huge stereotype" surrounding marijuana users, and it's "not pretty" one of her goals is to redefine the image and "give hope and empowerment" to other women who use marijuana.

January Thomas, who has a 2-year-old child, told Morgan that a woman who smokes pot can still take care of children, considering a lot of other parents are on prescription drugs for a variety of ills. Thomas, who says she indulges in marijuana use every day, compared it to "taking Tylenol."

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Glenda Gurllen described how marijuana helped reduce her pain and anxiety, saying it's helped her become "more interactive with my children." Gurllen said she had been very sick with blood issues and underwent a hysterectomy when she discovered that "cannabis was helping me."

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Morgan noted that a lot of mothers watching the segment would find the marijuana mommies' claims “outrageous,” but he quickly added that they would likely be saying so with a glass of wine in their hands. ("Or vodka," one mother added.)

Amie Machado affirmed that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and easier to control in some cases, in fact that it's a "much healthier" medicinal alternative because "you don't want more because you know what you need."

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Shuman noted that no one has ever died of a marijuana overdose.

The foursome added that it's crucial to keep marijuana out of reach of children and that it's important to have conversation with children about the subject.

Here's the intriguing video segment via CNN:

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