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What's the Secret to Magician's 'Bus Levitation' Trick?



(Image: Pepsi Max/YouTube screenshot)

A British magician working with Pepsi Max wants people to "live for now" and witness the "magic that's all around us."

In order to capture their attention, the magician who goes by Dynamo performed a "bus levitation" trick. While the double-decker rolled along London streets, Dynamo appeared to be floating in the air alongside the bus with nothing more than what seems to be his arm holding him up.

dynamo pepsi max (Image: Pepsi Max/YouTube screenshot)

dynamo pepsi max (Image: Pepsi Max/YouTube screenshot)

dynamo pepsi max (Image: Pepsi Max/YouTube screenshot)

Naturally, onlookers were amazed, but the first thing they do, as you can see in the video, is whip out their phones to take photographic evidence.When you watch the clip, see if you can count how many people have their phones out to document the trick.

dynamo pepsi max (Image: Pepsi Max/YouTube screenshot)

First watch the stunt and we'll reveal a theory as to how it's done after the video:

But just how did Dynamo do it? Gizmodo's Casey Chan has a theory that it's similar to a stunt performed by Johan Lorbeer, where what we're seeing is not a real arm supporting the body, but a bar that is connected to a system of support around his chest. Dynamo's true arm in this case would be hidden inside his clothing.

The News.com.au pointed out this photo showing the fake arm contraption that would facilitate the stunt (below).

Egyptians look on as an artist takes down German artist Johan Lorbeer's life-sized replica man installation from a wall inside the German cultural centre in downtown Cairo on November 13, 2008, following an exhibition of Lorbeer's still life performance. Several fire trucks and rescue workers rushed to a German centre after hearing a man was hanging from a wall, only to find an arts installation by a German artist. (Photo: KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Here's an example of the German artist's original illusion:



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