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Armed & Angry: Obama Graces Cover of New Comic Slated for 9-11-13 Release


"I wanted there to be no confusion about it...he's ready for action -- now!"

Something tells us that the gun-control wing of the Democratic party is not going to like the image chosen for the cover of IDW's new comic, "The Other Dead."

Obama Cover of Other Dead

 "The Other Dead" is the work of three heavyweights in the comic industry -- Joshua Ortega (Gears of War), Digger T. Mesch (Agent 88), and Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). The series was announced back in the Spring of this year with a media release that explained it this way:

As a weary community braces for the onslaught of an incoming superstorm, an even more insidious force grows right under their noses! When a sudden outbreak turns every animal in sight into raging, flesh-craving monsters, a colorful cast of characters will have no choice but to contend with THE OTHER DEAD!

The first issue is slated for release on Sept. 11, 2013 . And while the Obama cover is set to be on issue #1, it is not going to be on every single copy of that first printing. In fact, it will only be featured on every 10th issue printed and sent to comic book sellers. In the comic world, this is referred to as a "variant." In other words, if a store orders 100 copies of "The Other Dead," 10 of them will have the Obama cover. These limited edition covers will be more valuable and actually create a secondary market among collectors.

The depiction of a well-armed Obama is the work of accomplished illustrator and artist Dave Dorman. On Monday, TheBlaze spoke with Dorman about the project. He explained to us that Joshua Ortega, one of the co-creators reached out to him and asked if he could create a realistic painting of President Obama ready to fight off the zombie onslaught.

Dorman was not given the entire text of the story, just direction from the co-creator. He told us that it was "not necessary" to accomplish the cover that Ortega wanted. The artist also said he was "honored to be part of this project" and was looking forward to sitting down with the completed story.

During our conversation with Dorman, we pointed out what some gun enthusiasts might consider a violation of basic gun safety rules - the President's right hand is pointing a weapon towards the sky, with his finger on the trigger. Dorman calmly responded, "I wanted there to be no confusion about it...he's ready for action -- now!"

If you are interested in the original portrait of a gun-toting President Obama, the work will be for sale at this year's ComicCon in San Diego (and without the titles inserted for the comic book printing.

Obama with guns Artwork: Dave Dorman

Dorman and his art (he has many more paintings joining the zombie-fighting presidential portrait) will be displayed in booth 4500 at ComicCon2013, with the 20x30 inch painting (oil and acrylic) as the centerpiece. It will be available for purchase. (In the collecting world this is known as a "double-collectible" - it is of interest to both presidential artwork collectors and comic fans.)

Those comic book/graphic novel fans who are not lucky enough to score the Obama issue of "The Other Dead" #1 will probably see this cover.

Regular cover for Other Dead Artwork: Qing Ping Mui

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