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Real-Life Hurt Locker': Amazing Story of Bomb Expert Who Defused Hog-Tied Suicide Bomber's Explosive Vest

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

In what is being called a "real-life Hurt Locker," a reference to the Academy Award-winning film about a bomb disposal team in Iraq, photos show an Afghan soldier approaching a suicide-bomber wearing an explosive vest in the Jalalabad province Sunday.

hurt locker "The Hurt Locker" (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

The Reuters photos, which you can see on ITV, depict the scene of the bomber laying on the ground, legs and arms behind his back with a rifle in front of him.

An image showing how the story is being shown world-wide. In this case, ITV News calls it a "Real-Life Hurt Locker." (Source: ITV News)

A member of the Afghan bomb disposal team, covered head to toe in protective gear goes up to the man and, according to reports, is able to defuse the bomb. The next photo shows the would-be bomber lying, still bound, in the back of a pick-up truck.

hurt locker "The Hurt Locker" (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

It is unclear whether the man wearing the explosives did so willingly or if he was was forced. Either way, the scene ended differently than "The Hurt Locker" because the bomb was actually disabled successfully in this real-life situation before detonating.

Watch the tense scene from the 2008 film that won six Oscars (Content Warning: strong language and graphic images):



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