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Texas Dem. Tweets Abortion/Cheney Joke…and Quickly Deletes It


As Texas lawmakers gear up for a major showdown over a bill that would impose stricter sanitary conditions on abortion clinics and ban abortions past 20 weeks of pregnancy, one state representative apparently thought now would be a good time for some flippancy.

Texas State Rep. Gene Wu, who describes himself as an “attorney,” “volunteer,” and “friend," thought it would be funny to crack a joke about unborn children and former Vice President Dick Cheney:

Cheney, as many of you probably know, has a notoriously weak heart that has required multiple operations. Get the joke?

Unsurprisingly, Wu’s comments didn’t go over very well. He quickly apologized for his “tasteless” remarks and quickly deleted the Cheney/beating heart joke:


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A version of this story originally appeared on TheBlog. Featured image Getty/AP photos.

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