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No One Has Seen It': These Two Videos Take You Behind-the-Scenes with Glenn Beck in Salt Lake City


"No one has seen it."

Beck discusses elements of the Man in the Moon event with direct Ben McPherson. (Credit: Paige Perry)

If you're wondering exactly what attendees of Glenn Beck's big Man in the Moon event in Salt Lake City will experience, get in line. In fact, as you'll see in one of the following videos, not even Beck himself has seen the entire production from start to finish. But this week, things started coming together -- and luckily TheBlaze TV's Raj Nair is in town to take you behind-the-scenes.

Many of the details of the show are secret, but Nair successfully squeezed out a few specifics from those involved, including from some of the dancers and Beck himself. Pay close attention to the two videos below as Nair visits rehearsal on Wednesday and you just might get a peek at some of the secret elements set to unfold on Saturday night:

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