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Shock Video: Brazillian Rapper Shot On Stage During Show


"...he raps 'killing the police is our goal' and recites a list of weapons over the continuous sound of gunfire."

(Source: video screen gra)

Horror swept through the crowd in Campinas, Brazil, on Saturday after a rapper was shot in the abdomen on during a live performance. He was taken to the hospital where he later died. And cell phone video taken during the concert shows the moment it all happened.

The video shows rapper MC Daleste, whose real name Daniel Pellegrine, singing on stage. Just over a minute in, he is thrown back slightly, doubles over, and then collapses into a sitting position. Still alive, it shows his arm moving and he appears dazed.

You can watch below [warning: while not blood or detail is shown, the video might be disturbing for some]:

The Hollywood Reporter gives some background on his style of music, which was violent:

MC Daleste was a member of the Sao Paulo-centered "Ostentatious Funk" scene, a bling-obsessed and violent brand of rap over looped beats. Also called Sao Paulo funk, the club genre is an offshoot of Rio's Funk Carioca, rooted in that city's impoverished favelas and known for its empowering conscious messages and sexy groove.

On "Apologia," one of MC Daleste's songs, he raps "killing the police is our goal" and recites a list of weapons over the continuous sound of gunfire.

Pelligrene was 20 years old.

(H/T: The Sun)

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