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Has Glenn Beck Changed His Position on Boycotts?


"Don't do business with people who are trying to take you apart."

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Glenn Beck has long been against boycotts, arguing that a more effective and civil way of expressing dissatisfaction is simply opting to buy a different product or frequent a preferable establishment, but recent events prompted him to contemplate his position on radio Wednesday morning.

He noted that after Levi's began marketing itself as "the uniform of progress," he didn't encourage a boycott of the product and, not finding an American-made cost effective alternative that suited him, chose to create his own 1791 clothing line.

"But because we leave them alone and we just take it, because we take it, they're not afraid of us," Beck said.  "They're like whatever, you can say whatever you want about those guys, but don't say anything here."

Beck said he has no desire to emulate the left and create any kind of fear -- he used "political correctness" as an example of people being afraid to even speak for fear they will be marginalized and demonized -- but thought it might be "time to tell companies we are not doing business with you if you choose to do business this way."

As an example, he suggested San Diego business owners put a sign in their windows saying something along the lines of, "This establishment will not serve the Mayor of San Diego. We refuse service to the Mayor of San Diego and anyone who thinks it's reasonable to treat women the way he does."

"You put that on your storefront and you make him a pariah, because that's what he should be," Beck said.

Beck emphasized that such an action would not be about politics, but principles, and reiterated importance of continuing to act with kindness and respect.  He has often said, "put your money where your heart is."

"We are a different people," Beck said. "We're positive - create something don't destroy something.  However...A part of that has to be, don't do business with people who are trying to take you apart, and be very clear, we don't do business with these kinds of people."

Watch the clip below for more on the discussion:

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