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TheBlaze's Buck Sexton Slams Absolute 'Counterterrorism Catastrophe' That You May Not Have Heard About


"I think [if] people understood what this was, they would be much more frightened of this than any sort of nebulous threat that's out there right now."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

TheBlaze's national security advisor Buck Sexton appeared on The Glenn Beck program Monday to draw attention to a "counterterrorism catastrophe" that he said many in the media are failing to adequately address -- a series of international al-Qaeda-linked prison breaks that freed over a thousand criminals across the Middle East and North Africa.

"I think [if] people understood what this was, they would be much more frightened of this than any sort of nebulous threat that's out there right now.  This is a counterterrorism catastrophe," Sexton began.

He continued: "You had a prison break at Abu Ghraib in Iraq in which 500, they estimate, hardened al-Qaeda fighters are now on the loose...These are individuals who have fought against U.S. forces on the ground, they have extensive bomb-making skills, they have networks in place for international jihad.  That alone would be cause for major concern, but oh, Glenn, in the same week there were over a thousand people who got free from a prison in Benghazi...And oh in that same week in northern Pakistan, a prison was overrun..."

"These were all very complex operations," Sexton added, noting that a series of coordinated prison breaks in separate countries in just one week requires an immense degree of coordination and planning.

But hasn't al-Qaeda been "decimated" Beck asked, sarcastically echoing the language of the president?

Sexton said the term "decimated" can likely only apply if considered in its original Latin root, which means something like "to take a tenth of."

"This is the kind of stuff that undermines all our efforts on the ground," Sexton warned. "Informants, people that helped [put these people in prison]...guess what?  They are the first ones who are probably going to end up on some kind of a video getting their heads sawn off here..."

Just shutting down our embassies across the region, if we don't have specific, actionable intelligence, Sexton said, basically "[shuts] down our ability to speak to the entire Muslim world, at least in an official capacity."

"And we're supposed to believe the moderates are going to rise up against the hardliners now, the Muslim Brotherhood's going to be marginalized?" he said in disbelief. "Do we look right now like we're willing to stand up against the Muslim Brotherhood in any of these countries?  Of course not."

For more from the interview, watch the clip below:

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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