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Just Because We Wear High Heels Doesn't Mean We Can't Pull a Trigger


"Women first in this family...but every once in a while we let the men come shoot with us."

(Credit: NRA site)

"South Texas women...it's either in the gene pool or something in the water," says shooter, hunter, and equestrian MiMi Falb. "You have to be tough."

"I love the outdoors, I love to hunt, I love to fish, and I love to ride horses," adds Falb, whose specialty is three-day eventing, a.k.a. a "triathalon for equestrians," she explains.

(Credit: NRA site)

And when it comes to shooting and hunting, Falb is a huge advocate for getting women involved.

"I've got other girlfriends...they all are just beautiful, like blonde bombshells; they're dressed to the nines, and you would never know that these women pick up a firearm," she tells NRA Women, adding that they typically get incredulous looks from men at hunting conventions.

"Just because we wear high heels doesn't mean we can't pull a trigger," Falb fires back.

(Credit: NRA site)

Falb says her experiences have shown her that women are actually better shots than men because they're "more relaxed, we listen more."

"I think more women would have so much fun if they would go out out and shoot, even if they don't want to hunt," she adds.

(Credit: NRA site)

Falb also is passionate about game conservation. Her family's ranch, which has been operating since the days of her great grandfather, once took in seven African rhinos in danger of falling prey to poachers.

Her hunting credo follows suit: Be respectful of the animal, hunt in a fair way, and hunt under the law.

Hailing from Dallas, Falb doesn't need much prodding to pay a visit to her family's ranch south of the city: "I can be so stressed out," she says. "And I come down here, and it's nice because people are constantly looking at their cell phone, they gotta look at Internet...well, we don't have Internet out here. It's just being outside, being away from the city, and just relaxed."

And at the ranch Falb can join her mother and grandmother, making three generations of women in her family who hunt and shoot.

(Credit: NRA site)

"Women first in this family," Falb's mother interjects, "but every once in a while we let the men come shoot with us."

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