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Drunk Driver Breaks Out in Dance During Field Sobriety Test…and Yes, It Was All Caught on Video


"If you want me to make your job really easy, I’ll be like boop … what? Boop!"


Dale Bentley, 39, was pulled over for speeding, but ended up telling a dirty story and dancing for officers during a field sobriety test in Gahanna, Ohio.

The driver was eventually charged with DUI after he reportedly clocked a .24 percent blood-alcohol level, three times over the legal limit. But before he was put in handcuffs, he gave the arresting officers quite a show.


The Columbus Dispatch reports:

It all started early Sunday, about 1 a.m., when Officer Reuben Hendon clocked Bentley’s car at 40 in a 25 mph zone on Granville Street. Bentley apparently didn’t notice the flashing lights behind him. He sat through a red light until it turned green. Hendon was finally able to stop him on Havens Corner Road, in front of the high-school football stadium.

According to a police report, Hendon told Bentley to get out of his car. “Dale looked like a confused deer in headlights,” Hendon wrote.

Bentley failed the walk-and-turn. He failed the one-legged stand. Then came the dancing. Bentley seemed to ham it up for the cruiser camera.

Judging from the video footage, it seems like Bentley realized the inevitability of his arrest.

“I'm gonna get arrested anyway…Come on, man,” he said to the Gahanna police officer. "If you want me to make your job really easy, I’ll be like boop … what? Boop! I don't give a f**k man!"

Watch the entertaining footage below (Warning: Strong language):

Bentley was charged with drunken driving, speeding and not complying with an officer. He was reportedly released on a $164 bond and his wife picked him up.

Though Bentley refused an interview with WBNS-TV, he did answer one question from a reporter.

"Do you remember dancing?" the reporter asked.

He replied: "No."


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