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Egyptian Christian Who Escaped Persecution by Stealing a Jet Ski & Fleeing to Israel: U.S. Foreign Policy Is 'Definition of Insanity


"Can you guys learn from your mistakes?"

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Rev. Majed El Shafie (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Rev. Majed El Shafie declared on TheBlaze TV Friday that "the Arab Spring is a lie" that has turned into a "cold deadly winter," especially for minorities. He also criticized the U.S. for continually arming radicals in the Middle East, only to be attacked by them later.

The native Egyptian is intimately familiar with the subject, having been tortured and sentenced to death after converting to Christianity at the age of 18. He described how he stole a jet ski and fled to Israel, and how he has since begun the human rights group "One Free World International" that now has 28 branches around the world.

"And that was under the Mubarak regime," Erick Stakelbeck, author of The Brotherhood: America's Next Great Enemy, pointed out. "I can't imagine how it would be under the Muslim Brotherhood!"

"That's correct," Shafie responded.  "It [would] be one hundred times worse."

Shafie proceeded to discuss how "we are all against dictatorships," but what the west fails to understand is that there can never be true democracy under a group like the Muslim Brotherhood, because there is no separation between "the religion and the state," and there is no freedom of religion.

When asked what he thinks about other regional issues, like potentially arming the rebels in Syria, Shafie said that when he testified in front of Congress all he could ask was, "can you guys learn from your mistakes?"

"We armed Osama bin Laden during the [Afghanistan] war - he turned against us. We armed Saddam Hussein during the Iranian war - [he] turned against us. We armed the rebels in Libya - [they] killed our ambassador three months later.  And now we are making the same mistake in Syria of arming the rebels."

"And the definition of insanity is what?" Shafie demanded.  "Repeating the same action, expecting [a] different outcome."

Watch the complete interview, below:

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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