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Living in Sin? Upscale Condo Association Refuses to Sell to Unmarried Heterosexual and Gay Couples


"I hope there is public outrage [that] people will discriminate in this day and age."

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Living in sin? Then you may not be welcome to purchase a home in Casa Di Amici Condo in Venice, Fla., as the housing complex doesn't allow unmarried couples to buy units, WTSP-TV reports.

The rules apparently preclude individuals who are in domestic partnerships, regardless of sexual orientation, from purchasing, leaving only married heterosexual couples and single individuals as potential buyers.

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The new regulation apparently went into effect this summer.

Julia Nowak, a gay realtor who owns a condo in the complex and who rents it to her parents, told WTSP-TV that she saw a document from the association that outlined this regulation; she subsequently came forward and is speaking to media out of frustration.

"It basically says you have to be either a single person or a husband and wife to purchase a unit here," she said, also noting that the policy would potentially discriminate against elderly individuals who do not wish to get married but who want to save money by living with one another.

The nature of the document was not revealed in the WPSP-TV article, but TheBlaze reached out to the Casa Di Amici Condominium Association. A representative repeatedly said "no comment" when we asked for clarification on the housing policy.

While Nowak and others wish that the rule was illegal, Sarasota County doesn't have an ordinance protecting same-sex couples against such a rule, which means that there's little, at present, that can be done to fight back against the regulation.

"I hope there is public outrage [that] people will discriminate in this day and age," Nowak said.

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