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New online petition asks Obama to 'pardon' Missouri rodeo clown


The now-infamous masked rodeo clown didn't exactly commit any crimes which would warrant a legal pardon from the President of the United States, but it would still be interesting to see whether President Obama would take a stand in support of the man's First Amendment rights, or come down on the side of the state of Missouri's policy to exclude politics from their publicly funded fair.

Sign the petition if you think President Obama should "stand up and take it like a man":


This petition seeks a pardon for the Obama masked rodeo clown from all perceived wrongs from his performance. He has a basic right to make fun of anyone, even the president, under the first amendment. His lifetime ban and all related actions taken against him should be reversed. Basically the president should stand up and take it like a man and let the whole country know that he is big enough to take a bit of humor at his own expense.
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