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MSNBC Panel Agrees: Tsarnaev Terror Duo Influenced by 'Radical Libertarian Agenda,' Conspiracy Theories


The Tsarnaev brothers were "significantly more Americanized than many of us thought."

An MSNBC panel on what must have been an excruciatingly slow news day decided that conspiracy theories and a “radical libertarian” agenda inspired Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to bomb the Boston Marathon.

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“The bombing suspects may not have been the radical jihadists they were initially believed to be,” said host Alex Wagner. “Older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev was reportedly a fan of far right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.”

“Tsarnaev also read white supremacists publications including ‘The First Freedom,” she adding before jumping into a discussion with the Southern Poverty Law Center’s* Mark Potok about the “rise of hate speech” in America.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is responsible for the so-called “hate map” that in 2012 inspired Floyd Lee Corkins to attempt a mass shooting at the Family Research Council offices in Washington, D.C.

Wagner and Potok agreed that there has been an increase in number of “hate speech” groups in the U.S., Potok saying he believes it is a reaction to “the rise of President Obama“ and the supposed threat of America “becoming less white.”

The Tsarnaev brothers, based on what they read, were “significantly more Americanized than many of us thought,” the SPLC spokesman said. “They had very much gone down the kind of rabbit hole of conspiracy thinking.”

Yes, really.

“It’s sort of an interesting confluence,” Wagner interjected, “we talk about this happening in some  sectors of the American political scene, which is the dovetailing between sort of radical libertarian agenda and a sort of southern racist, neo-confederate attitude towards governance and, and, and, uh, that view informing a certain sector of American politics.”

“Is that recent?” she asked.

Potok repeated that the increase in the number of “hate speech” groups is directly tied to “rise of Barack Obama.”


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