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Something Is Happening': Why the Viral Ashton Kutcher Speech Gives Glenn Beck So Much Hope


"What he is saying here is the American position."

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"Something's happening. Something is happening. And it is good. Have faith."

Actor Ashton Kutcher speaks onstage at the Teen Choice Awards 2013 at the Gibson Amphitheatre on August 11, 2013 in Universal City, California. Credit: Getty Images

That's how Glenn Beck responded to Ashton Kutcher's heartfelt speech on hard work and generosity at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday that has absolutely taken the Internet by storm.  After playing the speech on radio, Beck explained why it gave him so much hope.

"What he is saying here is the American position..." Beck said firmly. "How do we not agree?  How is it that the people in the camp of Ashton Kutcher think that I'm the anti-Christ, and so many of us think he's the anti-Christ?"

"Because they don't listen," Beck's co-host Pat Gray said.

Beck said that it is crucial to understand the difference between liberal -- which originally meant small government -- and progressive.  Progressives want "to control other people's lives," and liberals don't, he said.

"We can join on many things on compassion," Beck said.  "We can join on Darfur. We can join on, let's help the poor. Now we may not agree on all of the programs -- unless, unless you are not a progressive -- you are a small government person and saying, 'Let's find the capitalist ways.'"

"Let's find the companies out there that want to take this on as a problem," Beck elaborated.  Let's go find the people...Let's go find the churches...Not through government policies.  Not through handouts.  Not through redistribution of wealth.  Let's go help!"

"You'll get everybody on board," Beck asserted, "because we're not that far apart."

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