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Beck's Fascinating Breakdown of the OBL Situation Room Photo -- and How What Obama Doesn't Have in Front of Him Is Incredibly Telling


"Who can't watch the biggest villain in American history being shot?"

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How closely have you looked at the now-historic photo of the White House Situation Room during the Osama bin Laden raid?

On his radio show Thursday -- in light of recent claims that President Obama said "I can't watch this entire thing" and played about "15 games of Spades" during the 2011 raid -- Glenn Beck took a closer look at everything from the president's lack of a seat at the table to what the commander in chief's motivations may have been for reportedly opting to be absent for a large part of the proceedings.

Who 'Can't Watch'?

In this handout image provided by the White House, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and members of the national security team receive an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House, May 1, 2011. (Getty Images)

"First of all, who can't watch? Who can't watch the biggest villain in American history being shot?" Beck asked. "One, somebody who is internally conflicted on this whole thing. And if you are a fan of the Muslim Brotherhood and you've embraced the Muslim Brotherhood...then there's a chance this president couldn't watch it because he thinks injustice is being done."

"I don't particularly subscribe to that point of view because I don't think the president is a Muslim, but I do think he has Muslim and Arabic sympathies that run much deeper than his American sympathies," Beck added.

Beck then offered his second theory: "The other reason why you play Spades all day and you're not in the Situation Room is because you're a coward. You're just, 'Oh, I'm so upset. I just can't ‑‑ I don't know. I can't watch that. It's so ‑‑ it's so exciting and yet so dangerous! I can't watch that.'"

"Who does that?" Beck demanded.  "That's a girl. That's a guy who ‑‑ well, rides a girl's bike with a little girl helmet...What kind of commander in chief is not in the Situation Room?"

"Let's give him the benefit of the doubt," Beck said. "He's not conflicted at all -- he's worried about the're so worried that you won't sit there and be with them? It's not like you're a casual observer. You ordered them to go do it...You have the responsibility to be there with them.  [So] if the call needs to be made that they don't have to send somebody up on the elevator to go get you and say, 'Mr. President, I have to make a call right now...'  You make the call. You're there. You sent them into harm's way, and you can't watch it."

The Situation Room Photo

"The entire [Situation Room] is designed for the president of the United States because he's the commander in chief," Beck began.  "Not the generals, nobody else --he makes the call.  So the entire situation room is built with him at the head of the table.  All of the monitors sit in front of him.  Everybody else has to turn their body and look...All the clocks, all the intel, everything is on that wall facing him. [It's] all built for him in that power situation."

"Now -- who is sitting at the head of that table?" Beck asked, in reference to the famous photo above.

"The general," he continued. "And then you have some advisers and Hillary Clinton and then you have Joe Biden, who has been sitting there."

But not only is the president not at the head of the table, Beck said, he appears not even to have a proper seat at the table.  Nor does he have a computer, "because he's been playing cards apparently all day."

But it goes still even further than that, Beck said.

Beck said he's been reading a lot about Walt Disney lately, and when the man entered a room, "there was just so much profound respect" for him that everybody stood.

With the president of the United States, Beck and his co-hosts argued, it seems as though nobody even offered him a chair, or it was offered and he said, "No thanks -- I'm just coming in for a second, not going to stay long."

Looking at the picture, Beck remarked: "He's in the corner, in the corner, not even at the table sitting at a little folding chair, a little teeny chair off to the side like an aide to the general...It's amazing."

"He is absolutely a fraud," Beck concluded.  "I don't know, he might be a better person than what they've portrayed, but he's not who he says he is, in any way, shape, or form. He's just not that guy. And he's afraid."

"What you should know today is the only reason why they're going after the rodeo clowns and everything else is because they are freaked out you're going to figure this out," Beck said.

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