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Surprise: No one is interested in reading doomsday Sarah Palin novel


It's a book of rhetorical bloody red meat for Sarah Palin's liberal antagonists, yet USA Today notes that no one seems to be reading Christian Nation, a novel by New York lawyer Frederic Rich, depicting a fictional collapse of America ushered in by a Palin presidency.

Judging by the paper's description of the book, it's not hard to imagine why -- it sounds more like a Bill Maher stand-up sketch or an article from The Onion than serious work of fiction...

It opens in 2029, narrated by a survivor of a bloody civil war between "the Holies," the Christian fundamentalists who control the federal government, and the "Secs," the secular opposition centered in Manhattan.

The federal Purity Web – think Big Brother on steroids – has rewritten American history.

The novel's narrator, a young lawyer named Greg, slowly explains how dissent, homosexuality and abortion were outlawed.

In 2009, four months after narrowly defeating Barack Obama, President John McCain dies from a cerebral aneurysm.

Palin, unable to complete a coherent sentence that hasn't been written for her, becomes president. Fox News merges with the Faith & Freedom Coalition, the political arm of conservative Christians, to form Fox Faith & Freedom News.

In 2012, after terrorist attacks worse than 9/11, Palin declares martial law. She's elected president, helped by a new federal law that lets churches contribute to political campaigns. ...

In New York, the city's openly gay mayor, Christine Quinn, along with her wife, is gunned down at a gay wedding. (In real life, Quinn is a mayoral candidate. I find the fictional assassination of a living politician creepy, at best.) In San Francisco, the Air Force bombs the Castro neighborhood, killing 12,000 people, mostly gay men.

It's disturbing (yet hilarious) that this is how liberals view conservatives...

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