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Here's the most incoherent review of Al Jazeera America so far

Here's the most incoherent review of Al Jazeera America so far

The New Republic has a review on Al Jazeera America's first full day on the air (Tuesday) melodramatically headlined "Al Jazeera America Just Launched. Fox and MSNBC Should Worry."

Of the reasons Fox and MSNBC "should worry":

--"The coverage is calm, comprehensive, and far-reaching. But somehow, the overall effect is not quite as different from the rest of cable news as Al Jazeera imagines it."

So, AJA isn't that different from the other news channels.

--"The lack of ads may not be intentional, but it makes every segment feel denser and documentary-like, lingering on subjects attentively."

So, watching AJA is like watching a running documentary.

--"Without the rat-a-tat of talking points, though, it is hard not to note that every interview feels slacker and less intense."

Also feels slacker.

--"On all shows the hosts are committed to letting people talk instead of interrupting them, which sometimes has the unintended effect of being boring."

Also feels unintentionally boring.

--"Of course, in its own sly way, Al Jazeera pushes its politics with the same insistence as Fox or MSNBC, if not with nearly the same theatrics; an undercurrent of Bush-era exasperation with American blinkeredness still runs through every report from the Middle East."

And just for good measure, another mention that AJA isn't unlike Fox or MSNBC.

Why again should the competition be worried?


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