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Oklahoma Thrill Kill Sickens Everyone and Piers Morgan in a Very Deep Way


"Few stories have incensed me quite like this one. The randomness, the senselessness of this killing."


CNN's Piers Morgan could hardly contain his disgust Tuesday night over the killing of 22-year-old Australian student Christopher Lane, allegedly just because the three teenagers charged in his murder were bored.


"Few stories have incensed me quite like this one. The randomness, the senselessness of this killing," Morgan said.

Chancey Allen Luna, 16, and James Francis Edwards Jr., 15, were charged with first-degree murder and Michael Dewayne Jones, 17, was charged with using a vehicle in the discharge of a weapon and with accessory to first-degree murder after the fact after prosecutors said they drove up on Lane as he was jogging and shot him in the back and left him to die.

Capt. Jay Evans of the Duncan Police Department in Oklahoma told Morgan the residents of the town are stunned.

"The residents are absolutely appalled and shocked that it happened because everyone realizes that if your kids are out playing, that it could have been anybody, such a random act. It could have been any other kid that this happened to," Evans said.

Morgan called the killing "totally disgusting" and asked Evans whether he had ever come across such a "callous" act in all his time in police work. He also asked whether it was true that the three teenagers explained themselves by saying they simply did it for fun.

Evans said he couldn't go into specifics about what any of the suspects said, but said they were wannabe gangsters.

"They had the desire to be gangsters and that's just from prior instances that we'd had coming in contact with them and based on various aspects that we were aware of," Evans said. "They just wanted to emulate that gangster lifestyle."

Morgan also spoke with Tim Fischer, the former deputy prime minister of Australia, who is warning Australian tourists not to visit America because of the danger from gun violence.

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