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Japanese TV Creates Real-Life 'Jurassic Park' Terror in Epic Prank


"...the splendor and joy of Japanese performing arts..."

Imagine walking into work with your cup of coffee in hand, only to be greeted by an alarming group of your colleagues screaming and running the other direction.

raptor prank The unsuspecting victim. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

Then imagine that rounding the corner comes an insanely realistic-looking -- and sounding (if we can speculate what they sounded like) -- velociraptor.

raptor prank We bet your immediate reaction would be to drop your things, like this guy does, and run too. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

This is what a Japanese man encountered, sending him stumbling back down the hallway in the other direction.

raptor prank The man stumbled over in shock, not even seeming to take a moment and realize that there was no way this creature could be real. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

It all turned out to be a prank -- you can spot the human legs coming out of the the amazing raptor costume if you look closely. And for all we know the scared guy could very well be an actor. Regardless, it's still pretty epic.

raptor prank The person wearing the raptor costume chases the victim all the way down the hall. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

According to UPI, the prank appeared on a Japanese show devoted to "gotcha" like these moments. The video was uploaded to YouTube last month to "let you know the splendor and joy of Japanese performing arts," according to the user on the video sharing site.

We don't know how it took weeks for this gem to start gaining worldwide notice, but we're glad it surfaced eventually did none the less.

Take a look:

(H/T: io9)



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