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These Are the Smiling Faces of Two Teen Heroes Who May Have Saved a Woman's Life


"And I could tell by her facial expressions on what she was trying to tell me, it was very serious."

Credit: CNN's "New Day

The two heroic teenagers who helped save an alleged kidnap victim in the Dallas area appeared on CNN's "New Day" Friday morning to recount the dramatic series of events that unfolded this week and why they decided to take action.

Aaron Arias, 19, and Jamal Harris, 17, were all smiles as they explained to host Michaela Pereira that they originally looked at the kidnapped woman because she was "pretty attractive."

Aaron Arias, 19, and Jamal Harris, 17. (Image source: CNN)

“I looked at the car next to me and I saw a woman in the back seat. But, I mean, the reason that I honestly looked was because she was pretty attractive. As I was trying to explain it to Aaron, I was like, look at her, you know, this lady’s pretty beautiful," Harris said. "And I could tell by her facial expressions on what she was trying to tell me, it was very serious. And I paid closer attention. And I could see her mouthing the words, ‘help me.’"

The accused kidnapper, 37-year-old Charles Atkins Lewis, was tracked down by police and arrested. The victim was found unharmed and released following a routine medical check-up.

Arias said he was skeptical at first, but after the light they were waiting at turned green, the suspect took off too fast and he witnessed the woman banging on the back windshield.

"After what he said and I saw, we had to go after them," he said.

Watch the interview via CNN below:

The teenagers then followed the car for a period of time after calling police. Arias said they feared for the woman's safety because the driver quickly realized he was being followed.

However, police soon arrived and the nightmare for all involved was over. Well, except for Lewis, the alleged kidnapper -- his nightmare is just getting started.

Accused kidnapper Charles Atkins Lewis (Image source: New York Daily News)


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