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If You Were Wondering What Really Happened in the Viral 'Twerking' Video Fail from Last Week, Now We Know


"To the conspiracy theorists on the internet..."

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

Last week, everyone from "The View" to local news was covering the viral "twerking" video of the girl who tried do an upside-down version of the Miley Cyrus dance only to be knocked over by her roommate and end up on fire. We raised the issue that it could have been fake or staged. Turns out it was -- to a certain degree. And it's the work of Jimmy Kimmel.

On his show Monday, Kimmel brought the young girl behind it on to his show and pretended to interview her. Halfway through, though, it started becoming obvious that he knew a lot more than he was letting on. And eventually, he turned what was supposed to be a webcam interview from Missouri into a live studio appearance for the young woman really named Daphne Avalon:

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

Kimmel said they filmed the stunt two months ago and recently put it on YouTube without any advertisement to just "let the magic happen." It did. Kimmel even showed the full "director's cut" which reveals why, as we pointed out last week, the video abruptly cuts off at the best part:

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

So why is the video a fake only to a certain degree? Well, because Avalon is a stunt woman, so it is true that she falls backwards and ends up on fire -- hat part is real. The fake part is that it was all a set up.

Watch the full version with the interview below:

"To the conspiracy theorists on the internet who thought the video was fake, you were right it was fake-- we made it up," Kimmel said.

(H/T: Gawker)

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