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My God!': Chilling 911 Call Reveals New Details on Deadly 'Road Rage' Incident in Michigan


"Road rage."


A newly-released 911 call sheds additional light on a "road rage" incident that turned deadly in Ionia, Mich., on Wednesday. Two people were fatally shot during the incident.

In the frantic 911 call, Teri Pullum, whose husband, James, was killed in the altercation, can be heard telling an unidentified bystander what happened.

"Road rage," Pullum tells the person, her voice shaking with emotion. "They were fighting. They both shot each other."


James Pullum, 43, and Robert Taylor, 56, apparently both opened fire, killing each other. Taylor was allegedly "riding our butt," sparking a violent exchange, Pullum's wife said. It was unclear who began shooting first, but the woman on the 911 call said "they got in a fight and the guy pulled a gun on him."

Both men reportedly had valid concealed carry permits.

"As emergency personnel are arriving at the scene -- and both men are already down -- Teri Pullum can be heard screaming to someone that 'they don't have a gun,'" MLive.com reports.

"My God! I got to go," she says before hanging up.


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