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8 Papa John's Pizzerias Abruptly Close Without Explanation, Employees May Be Without Pay for Final 2 Weeks


"I cried when I found out"

One of the Papa John's locations closed on Friday. (Credit: Google)

Eight California Papa John's restaurants in the Sacramento area suddenly closed on Friday, to the surprise of both customers and employees.

"We are sorry to advise you that due to circumstances beyond our control we have been forced to cease operations effective immediately," read a sign posted on the door of the popular pizzerias Friday, later uploaded to the online-messaging board Reddit.

Eight Papa John's pizzerias closed suddenly without notice on Friday in California. (Credit: Reddit)

The individual that uploaded that sign to Reddit says he was an employee of one of the stores and claims the owners shut down the restaurants without leaving their workers pay for their final two weeks.

"8 Papa John's Suddenly Close on Payday [sic], leaving myself and 50+ other employees without pay for our last 2 weeks," the unidentified individual alleged on Reddit, noting later he or she was looking to pursue legal action.

"I cried when I found out," the individual said, responding to a comment. "Not for me. I'll be fine. It's my coworkers. They work there asses off for minimum wage and barely skid by. Some of the full timers live paycheck to paycheck and were expecting to go pick up there checks and pay there bills and whatnot [sic]."

One of the Papa John's locations closed on Friday. (Credit: Google)

A spokesman for Papa John's corporate told KXTV the eight stores had been struggling, but that corporate was unaware they would suddenly close.

"We certainly could have helped them look at some other options," said Darryl Carr.

Carr did not appear to address the alleged lack of payment to employees in his interview with KXTV. A spokesperson was not immediately available to TheBlaze for comment early Saturday.

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