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Welcome to this Obama production of 'Shutdown Theater

(Credit: ABC 15)

Ace writes:

Shutdown theater is Obama's penchant for making shutdowns worse than they need to be.

For example, the Capitol Park Police doing more work than needed to erect barriers to entry to the WWII memorial in the Mall. No one "works" here; there are no Park Rangers. It's a friggin' monument. And it is policed by the Capitol Park Police, who are, of course, still on the job.

Nevertheless, Obama is doing Shutdown Theater so he had his Imperial Troops erect barriers to keep people from seeing it.

As we reported, a group of aged veterans and volunteers marched past barriers to gain access to the World War II Memorial today.  These are the guys who stormed the beaches at Normandy.  Who honestly thinks they'd let a few Park Police buzzing around on Segways keep them from paying their respects to their fallen brothers?

Ace also points out the fact that the Institute of Educational Science's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System site has been shut down:

This is a completely automated database. Why is it shut down? Again, it took more human effort to shut it down than it would have taken to simply let it work as usual.

Welcome to Obama's "Shutdown Theater."  Enjoy the show!

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