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Shepard Smith's new 'news deck' looks awfully familiar...


Have you seen the newest set design on Fox News?  It either incorporates ridiculously large monitors or incredibly tiny workers...

They call it the "news deck," but I personally think they should call it the ShepSmith Enterprise.  And I'm not the only one who sees the possibilities...

To the internet!

Jim Treacher has already started a screenplay:

UNNAMED ENSIGN REPORTER: Captain Smith, we’re receiving a hailing signal from the White House!

SMITH: Onscreen.

[Suddenly filling up the main viewscreen: the glowering face of President Barack Obama]

OBAMA: Captain Smith. Just as I suspected. Prepare to be boarded or I will blow your newsroom out of the sky.

SMITH: [taps flag pin on lapel, which chirps in response] Scotty, get us out of here right now.

SCOTTY: [tinny voice on communicator] I’m sorry, Captain, she’s givin’ it all she’s got. The search engines just canna take much more!

OBAMA: [slowly smiling] At last…

Also, Oompa Loompas.

Conclusion: Bigger news does not necessarily mean better news.

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