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Is this going to be MSNBC's answer to Anderson Cooper?

AP/Gary He

The New York Post is reporting Ronan Farrow, son of actress Mia Farrow and allegedly possible son of Frank Sinatra, is in talks with MSNBC to become the liberal network's version of Anderson Cooper.

AP/Gary He

At the start of the month Politico reported that Farrow would possibly get his own show. The Post says otherwise:

While MSNBC reps declined to comment, a network source tells us, “They’re just finalizing the contract. Ronan is not going to get his own show off the bat, but they are going to develop him, have him work on stories and build his TV news credentials. He’ll work across the whole lineup. He’s 25, everybody knows he’s very bright, but he’s not getting his own show — yet.”

Farrow previously worked in the Obama administration, primarily dealing in human rights issues.


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