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Chilling: Teen Nearly Dies During Days-Long Crucifixion-Style Exorcism


"barely alive"

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A 19-year-old girl known only as "Antoinette" was tortured, starved and brutalized in a violent, crucifixion-style exorcism attempt in Grigny, France -- and now four former members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church who are allegedly responsible for her suffering could be headed to prison.

In what was seemingly an effort to exorcise a supposed demon from the young woman, three men and one woman tied her to a mattress for seven, long days. Antoinette was kept in the same position as Jesus Christ was placed on the cross -- presumably a move that would help to extract the supposed evil spirit.

As a result, the purported assailants were charged with acts of torture, kidnapping and barbarism, AFP reports. The motivation for the incident is unclear, but, as AFP notes, prosecutors claim Eric Deron, Antoinette's ex-boyfriend, is the main brainchild behind the exorcism attempt.

He purportedly became convinced that the woman was possessed after she babbled incoherently and jumped on top him (Deron is said to reportedly believe that he is a divine prophet).

In addition to Deron's mother, Lise-Michelle Babin, two men named Philippe Grego and Lionel Fremor also face charges.

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The woman was discovered by authorities before it was too late (the Daily Mail describes her as "barely alive" when she was located). She was dehydrated, in shock and showed signs of being beaten, prosecutors say.

Not surprisingly, Antoinette was also emaciated and had clearly not been eating regularly. The woman later told police that the perpetrators kept her alive with water and small amounts of oil.

But contrary to these claims, the defendents, all of French Caribbean original, say they were simply trying to help the woman -- and they claim that she agreed to the exorcism beforehand.

Those involved in the attack were former Seventh Day Adventists members who the church says were kicked out one year before the attack unfolded.

The trial is expected to continue until Friday.

France has been in the news on the exorcism front of late. Last month, TheBlaze reported that residents in Limoux called police after blood-curdling screams were heard. As it turns out, a pastor was conducting an exorcism, which was allowed to progress without incident once police determined that the screams were not crime-related.

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