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Read the Powerful Op-Ed From Israel Debunking an Ugly Claim About Glenn Beck: 'We Are With You, You Are Not Alone


"I am urging you to stand with Glenn Beck."

This April 26, 2013 file photo shows radio personality Glenn Beck at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards in New York. (Photo: Andy Kropa/Invision/AP)

In an op-ed published this week, Gabriel Rosenberg, an author and the founder of, debunked a troubling allegation that one of Glenn Beck's harshest critics waged this summer -- that the popular host is essentially a Nazi sympathizer.

After The Salt Lake Tribune published an op-ed accusing Beck of being a "sympathizer" as a result of some of the items in his "Independence Through History" exhibit over the summer, the outlet subsequently declined to retract the piece. As a result, Rosenberg felt compelled to speak out (the original Tribune article was entitled, "Glenn Beck's Nazi Exhibit").

Boldly dismantling this claim, Rosenberg presented a compelling case and urged readers to educate themselves and to "stand with" Beck.

[sharequote align="center"]"We are with you, you are not alone... you have many many friends here in America."[/sharequote]

"The scandal does not lie with the author of the op-ed, but with the newspaper’s opinion editor Vern Anderson," Rosenberg wrote. "That article should never have been published, and since it doesn’t seem that the Tribune will retract or correct the lies, after this much time has elapsed, I would like to present you with the real Glenn Beck."

One of the many examples provided by the writer was Beck's "special message for Israel" that was delivered in Nov. 2012. In it, the radio and television host made it more than clear that he supports the Jewish state.

Watch that address, below:

"We are with you, you are not alone... you have many many friends here in America," Beck said at the time. "This is a message also for Israel's leaders: do not be afraid, do not forget all the things that God has done for you. We will not forget you, we will not forsake you, we are brothers. The nation of Israel and its capital of Jerusalem lives forever."

From there, Rosenberg also noted that Beck regularly discusses why he cares so fervently for Israel (and he mentions "Restoring Courage" as well -- an event that was actually held in the Middle Eastern country).

[sharequote align="center"]"The nation of Israel and its capital of Jerusalem lives forever."[/sharequote]

The popular media personality also donates regularly to Israeli causes, making the claims in The Salt Lake Tribune that much more absurd, he argues. Here's more from Rosenberg's piece:

Through his own charity organization Mercury One, Beck has set up and promoted many causes in support of Israel. Two causes that come to mind was the fund to equip IDF soldiers with warm clothes during the November 2012 conflict with Hamas, and Beck's help in fundraising for an underground hospital in Israel.

Beck has received three “Defender of Israel” awards from Zionist Jewish organizations.


Last month Beck dedicated an entire show to explaining why he cares about the Middle East and Israel. Beck outlined the ancient history of Israel, the Torah and the founding of America based on Judeo-Christian values. “We owe the people of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, we owe our support and our allegiance,” Beck said and continued “…without the Torah, without the people of Judah, you have no law. Ours doesn’t exist. Our country doesn’t exist. Nothing exists. You get rid of the Torah, you get rid of the Bible, nothing works anymore.” You can watch highlights of that episode here.

Rosenberg provided many other examples -- speeches, statements and personal acts that make it clear that Beck is certainly no Nazi sympathizer. In fact, the commentary called the host one of the most influential, powerful and brave supporters of both Israel and the Jewish state.

"Beck has made it abundantly clear that he stands with Israel and the Jewish people. Now I am urging you to stand with Glenn Beck," he concluded.

Read the entire commentary here.




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