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Tucker Carlson: Media Matters founder 'worshipping' Hillary 'like Judy Garland


"Fox and Friends" weekend co-host Tucker Carlson is striking back at an attempt by David Brock, founder of the liberal Media Matters watchdog, to purchase time on Fox News to air ads attacking the channel.

Tucker Carlson introduces author Ann Coulter at a book party in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze)

"So embarrassing," Carlson told TheBlaze Tuesday at a book party for conservative author Ann Coulter. He was actually unaware of Brock's anti-Fox News ad plan but continued: "It's so embarrassing. Just sucking up-- being a professional Hillary throne sniffer? It's just, like, it's pathetic. Worshipping her like Judy Garland? I just think it's just awful."

It's worth noting that the late actress Judy Garland is widely considered to be a gay icon and Brock is openly gay.

The New York Times reported Monday that Brock planned to purchase anti-Fox News ads promoting his new book that defends former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's role in the Benghazi tragedy. Clinton was criticized by many Republicans and much of the conservative media for what was perceived to be a neglect to handle the situation, which resulted in the death of four Americans, seriously.

“We all agree that politicizing a terrorist attack crosses a line, but that’s what Fox has done since tragedy struck in Benghazi,” Brock was to say in the ad, according to the Times. “You, the Fox viewer, lose out when you don’t get the facts, so we wrote a book about the Benghazi hoax. Get the facts for yourself.”

Brock said on MSNBC Tuesday that the ad was eventually rejected by Fox. "Obviously they want to censor the truth from their viewers," he said.

In early 2012, The Daily Caller, a conservative publication founded by Carlson, ran an investigative piece on Media Matters.

We've requested comment from Media Matters.

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