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I think you kind of sounded like a mean girl


CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield doesn't know what to make of the guy, liberal political strategist Tom Mattzie, who tweeted out a conversation he overheard in public between a former NSA chief and a reporter.

"I'm not sure how I feel about this, I have to be honest," Banfield told Mattzie Friday on her show "Legal View."

"A, I'm fascinated by what you were overhearing and the fact that a man like that was talking that loud. But B, I think you kind of sounded like a mean girl who shouldn't have been doing what you were doing."

In the overheard conversation, the former NSA chief, Michael Hayden, was speaking critically against the Obama administration. He was speaking to at least  one reporter, who he had instructed to cite him as an anonymous source in the stories he or they were writing.

Matzzie told Banfield that Hayden "had no expectation of privacy," as he was making his comments publicly on an Acela train.

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