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Take a Look at the Park Signs That Have Gun Rights Advocates Ready to Sue a North Carolina City


"My message to Raleigh is, you will lose, and it will cost you money."


A gun rights group in North Carolina is threatening to sue the city of Raleigh if it doesn't update its signs posted in city parks.

Why are they upset? Because the signs warn visitors that carrying concealed or displayed firearms is "prohibited by law," which isn't true anymore. State law now lets concealed carry permit holders to bring guns to playgrounds, greenways and college campuses, the News Observer reports.

Credit: COLIN CAMPBELL — News Observer

The gun rights group, Grass Roots North Carolina, sent a letter to the Raleigh City Council this week asking that the signs be updated to reflect the new law. However, Diane Sauer, the city parks director, reportedly told the group that it would cost too much money to replace all the signs posted in the city's parks. She also argued that lawmakers might change the law again.

“As signs are replaced (age or damage) or new signs are added, we will include updated information," she wrote.

Grass Roots North Carolina President Paul Valone called the city's response "disingenuous" and said officials could just take the signs down.

City Attorney Tom McCormick did confirm that even if the signs stay up, the city will not enforce any of the gun laws that were recently struck down by the North Carolina Legislature.

Grass Roots North Carolina is giving the city give business days to respond favorably to its letter or the group will begin pursuing legal action. The letter was sent on Sunday -- meaning time is up.

"My message to Raleigh is, you will lose, and it will cost you money," he said.


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