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Red Sox owner: no 'predictably partisan' commentary for the Boston Globe


Looking for the Democrat-Republican debate so common on cable news and in op-ed pages across the country? You won't find it in the Boston Globe, which was recently purchased by Red Sox owner John Henry.

In a column published by his new possession, he explains why he bought it and the type of commentary he wants on its opinion pages:

The new-media landscape is chock full of opinions, from every Twitter account to Facebook page to political website. Yet there is often very little fresh thinking to find amid all this clutter. Providing meaningful points of view that matter to our lives, through our columnists and informed editorials, is a crucial part of the Globe’s mission. While trust is a cornerstone of news reporting, integrity is at the heart of opinion writing. Our Globe Standard will be what distinguishes us.

In this era, it’s easy to attract an audience with a provocative opinion — especially a predictably partisan one, or an outrageous attack. The Globe’s primary mission is not to generate such an audience, but to inform its own audience. ...

The Globe will seek to be at the cutting edge of solutions, cures, accountability, and results.

That means publishing important social, political, and financial treatises from liberal and conservative viewpoints. It means offering iconoclastic viewpoints on subjects that matter.


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