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Bill O'Reilly Goes at It With Charles Krauthammer Over President Obama's 'Massive Problem


"Oh, come on..."

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Bill O'Reilly and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer had a gentleman's disagreement Tuesday over whether President Barack Obama has flat-out "lied" to the American people his administration's various scandals and Obamacare or has intentionally kept himself out of the loop to keep himself insulated. The president now faces a "massive problem" with Obamacare because people are losing their health insurance plans after he promised they could keep them, according to O'Reilly.

"I submit to you," the TV host began, "that Barack Obama is the champion of this -- and that the way he administrates is: 'I don't want to know. Don't tell me. Don't tell me about Fast and Furious. Don't tell me about Libya's security. Don't tell me about the IRS hunting down the Tea Party people. I'm fine with it, don't tell me.'"

Krauthammer then cited his "experience" meeting with Obama on two occasions. He said he found Obama to be "highly engaged and highly knowledgeable" on every issue. The president is not the kind of guy who doesn't care about his programs and the inner workings of his administration, he said.

"It's not proof" that Obama knew about Obamacare's problems or other scandals, but it certainly suggests that to be the case, Krauthammer noted.

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But O'Reilly argued that Obama knows that talk radio and online publications are going to call him out for lying eventually. "So, you're telling me a guy like Barack Obama is going to put himself out for that kind of scorn?" he asked.

"That's exactly what he did on Benghazi. Everybody knew it wasn't a spontaneous demonstration," Krauthammer replied.

"But he thought he could get away with that because people weren't paying attention," O'Reilly shot back.

"Oh, come on, paying attention. Four dead Americans and no one's going to pay attention?" Krauthammer argued.

Obama seemingly got away with lying about Benghazi, he continued, but he "miscalculated" with his broken promises about Obamacare and the fact that people would not be able to keep their insurance plans. O'Reilly then argued Obama's entire administration is "unraveling before our eyes."

Watch the entire gripping discussion via Fox News:

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