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Homeowner Pulling Up Carpets Gets an Awesome Surprise


"...guess what I found!"

This is what one homeowner found under carpeting. (Image source: Imgur via Reddit)

Homeowners might cross their fingers hoping for hardwood floors in good condition when they're pulling up old carpeting. One homeowner found this -- and more.

monopoly under carpet This is what one homeowner found under carpeting. (Image source: Imgur via Reddit)

There's nothing like a room-size Monopoly board to get you excited about renovating.

"Pulled up the carpet at the house, and guess what I found!" a person going by the username Nnewel posted on the social news site Reddit.

Why would someone convert their room into a giant Monopoly board? Perhaps to prevent a situation familiar to some Monopoly players.

"They make the floor one giant board so after 7 hours nobody flips the board over in rage," dustn64 wrote.

Other users gave suggestions of what the homeowner should do with the giant board going forward.

"...print oversized monopoly money, and 3D print some scale houses/hotels. It's the only way," Booyeahgames wrote.

Many also speculated, albeit jokingly, about what else the house could hold.

"The blueprints to the house is a Clue board," mikecarroll360 wrote.

Others suggested Chutes and Ladders, Operation or Twister could be lurking in other rooms.

In case you're wondering, this isn't the largest Monopoly board ever created: The Guinness Book of World Records gave that honor to a board created for the 2011 Doha Trade Fair in Qatar, that measured 2,335.5 square feet (48 ft., 4 in. x 48 ft., 4 in.).



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