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At CNN, 'nothing appears to be working


What's wrong with CNN? With all the changes in programming and talent made to the cable channel over the last year under the new leadership of Jeff Zucker, it still reached its lowest week in ratings last week with coverage of the disastrous Healthcare.gov website.

Andrew Tyndall, longtime news watcher and editor of the Tyndall Report told USA Today that CNN has "a journalism problem."

"In trying not to be partisan [like Fox News or MSNBC]," Tyndall said, "it's opting for no voice at all. It's lacking an interesting voice and lacking in coherence. What does Wolf Blitzer have in common with Piers Morgan?"

As for shakeups at the network under Zucker, which included reviving the politics debate show "Crossfire" and creating the pop-newsy morning show "New Day" (neither of which have performed well in ratings) Tyndall said Zucker is "trying everything. Nothing appears to be working."

So, what's next?


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