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Democrat Invites Sen. McConnell to Gun Range When 'He's Not Busy Pandering to DC Lobbyists' – Then Gets Called Out for Gun Safety Violation


"As an NRA member, my strong support for the Second Amendment is unquestioned."

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is also a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, invited the Republican she hopes to unseat, Sen. Mitch McConnell, to the gun range. That is, "whenever he's not busy pandering to DC lobbyists."

Not only did she hit McConnell for alleged ties to lobbyists, but she also used guns in making her point.

However, as Twitchy has highlighted, the Democrat forget the basic rules of gun safety -- notice the lack of "eyes and ears." Visit Twitchy to see the mocking reaction from Twitter.

Though many Democrats are anti-gun, this publicity stunt is not really that surprising. Kentuckians love their guns, and if she's going to have a chance to win her run for Senate, she's going to have to convince voters that she is an advocate for the Second Amendment.

Earlier on Friday, she sent out the following press release reiterating her pro-gun views:

As an NRA member, my strong support for the Second Amendment is unquestioned. I am proud of Kentucky's long-held gun ownership, sporting and hunting traditions. It is unfortunate that Senator McConnell is desperate to mislead Kentucky voters about my strong support for the Second Amendment. In the Senate, I will protect my fellow Kentuckians' right to keep and bear arms. Whenever he's not busy pandering to Washington lobbyists, I welcome Senator McConnell to come shoot with me at the range any day.

According to a Courier-Journal Bluegrass poll from earlier this year, 65 percent of Kentucky residents said they believe guns do more good than harm in society, compared to just 27 percent who think the opposite.

(H/T: National Journal)

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