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Watch How a White Supremacist Reacts to Finding Out He’s 14% African

Watch How a White Supremacist Reacts to Finding Out He’s 14% African

"You have a little black in you."

White supremacist Craig Cobb has been buying up land in a small North Dakota town to create a haven for others who hold beliefs similar to his own. Cobb, whose intentions in Leith, N.D., were at first somewhat secretive and quiet, has been more vocal lately.

Cobb recently appeared on “Trisha Goddard,” a NBCUniversal talk show, for an episode that will air Nov. 18 as part of the host’s “Race in America” series. On the show, Goddard revealed the results of a DNA test Cobb had taken, finding he had some African decent. His reaction?  Amused denial.

The U.K.'s Daily Mail got its hands on some footage from the episode and learned Cobb's DNA was analyzed to identify his race. Although the man who also holds anti-Semitic beliefs was found to be 86 percent of European decent, his DNA also apparently showed he's 14 percent sub-Saharan African.

craig cobb_the trisha show Host Trisha Goddard showing Craig Cobb the results of the DNA test he agreed to. (Image source: YouTube)

As the crowd cracked up at Goddard's findings, Cobb rushed to defend himself, saying it was "statistical noise."

"You have a little black in you," Goddard said, to which Cobb responded, "oil and water don't mix."

Goddard tried to give Cobb a fist bump, calling him "bro," but he refused to reciprocate the hand gesture.

craig cobb_the trisha show Cobb wouldn't fist bump Goddard back. (Image source: YouTube)

Watch the clip:

Cobb told the Daily Mail he agreed to take the test because he "assumed it was science."

Instead, he said, it was a scientifically bankrupt procedure, the product of "craven and debased executives," whose "goal is to shock."

He said: "When I told Jeff Schoep [leader of the National Socialism Movement] he just laughed."

He described it as 'short science' used by a sensationalist television show to 'promote multiculturalism."

When pressed over how he would feel if a test he respected were to show the presence of such DNA he said: "Well if I did have any n**** we don't want anymore of it."

He would, he said, consider himself a "border guard for the pure breds."

He explained: "Keeping the peace if possible but if we have to fight, keeping the frontline in the war."

Over the weekend, vandals targeted Cobb's property in Leith, spray-painting the words "go home" on his home and cars and slashing tires.

"I'm assuming this is only going to get worse," Kynan Dutton, a member of the National Socialist Movement in Leith, told the Bismark Tribune of the incident. "We're supposed to be the hateful ones, yet we're getting hated on."

Craig Cobb Jay Schechter holds a sign while participating in a protest rally outside Craig Cobb's house in Leith, N.D. on Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013. Cobb a white supremacist, originally from Canada, has purchased many lots in the tiny town. (AP)

Cobb told the local newspaper he would offer a reward for information about the vandalism.



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