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Islamic Extremists Reportedly Attack Two Female Mormon Missionaries in Kosovo


"making a full recovery."

Arrests have been made after two American women were brutally beaten on Nov. 3 in Pristina, Kosovo. The victims were serving there as missionaries with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but they have since been moved out of the area.

The women, who are sisters, were reportedly followed home by the assailants, thrown down a flight of stairs and hit in the head with a sharp object. While they sustained numerous wounds, the victims miraculously survived.

It didn't take long for authorities to locate their alleged attackers.

Just two days after the incident, six men were arrested in connection with an alleged terror plot that was "inspired by extreme Islamist ideology," The Associated Press reported.

Two of these individuals who are being identified as ethnic Albanians are also reportedly suspects in the investigation of the missionaries' beating. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, they are accused of joining four others in planning an attack on an unidentified target. A seventh suspect is reportedly still on the run.

The Associated Press said that an arrest warrant listed the men following names: Genc Selimi, Nuredin Sylejmani, Valon Shala, Adrian Mehmeti, Musli Hyseni, Bekim Mulalli and Fidan Demolli.

These alleged terrorists were reportedly observed on surveillance, phone tapping and email monitoring before their arrest in a park in Pristina by undercover police who were posing as weapons dealers, authorities who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Associated Press.

The Mormon missionaries are "making a full recovery," according to LDS Church spokeswoman Ruth Todd. While their identities have not been released, the church did tell media that they are from Bluffdale, Utah.

Following their treatment, the women returned to Tirana, Albania, where their mission home is located.



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