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Hillary says it takes a village, Mark Levin says it takes a convention

Mark Levin

Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic has proven one of the most influential and successful conservative books of the year. Levin argues that in the age of progressive pre-eminence, the only way to restore the Constitution is through a tool the Founders created that allowed for the grassroots to overpower the federal government. The solution? A Constitutional convention called by the states. In order to facilitate a return to limited government consistent with the Constitution, Levin proffers not only the Amendments for which he would advocate in such a convention, but how to actually practically carry out his plan. In an age in which many Republicans simply offer alternatives to Leftists involving more efficient management of the welfare state, such a book is clearly radical and unique, which is likely one of the reasons that The Liberty Amendments has proven such a popular book.

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NRO sums up the book tidily, stating:

It provides a coherent plan to restore our constitutional republic, reversing the damage inflicted by the Progressive movement over the past 100 years, and preventing us from sliding into financial and economic ruin because of a profligate political class unable to curb its spending...

Levin recognizes the “daunting task before us,” but as he passionately argues, “there is no reason to be passive witnesses to societal dissolution, at the command of governing masterminds in the federal government and their disciples.”

American Spectator says:

[The Liberty Amendments] is the revolutionary blueprint millions of Americans have been waiting for. Released today, Levin leads the charge for “restoring constitutional republicanism and preserving the civil society from the growing authoritarianism of a federal Leviathan..."

The Liberty Amendments -- all eleven of them -- are a serious work of restoration and reform. They are ironically the very embodiment of that current liberal favorite: “Hope and Change” -- turned back on the entire progressive concept of government. There is in fact no reason whatsoever that Americans must accept what Levin calls the “obtuse and defeatist notion of moderation that accepts the disposition of inevitable societal self-destruction without recourse to an available escape. Its irrationality is self-evident.”

Glenn sat down with Mark Levin to discuss the book in a lively conversation in which they discussed that like-minded liberty-lovers needed to coalesce and push together to turn back the statist tide.

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Reviews on Amazon have been glowing, with the book receiving a rating of 4.8 stars with well over 1,100 reviews. On Goodreads, The Liberty Amendments are rated at 4.18 stars with ~350 reviews.

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