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Terrifying New Videos Capture the Moment Those Illinois Tornadoes Hit: 'Oh My God, Josie!


"Our house is freaking destroyed..."

Footage of a tornado in Illinois as it begins to take down a house. (Image source: YouTube)

The videos of the past weekend's tornadoes that ravaged several midwestern states were dramatic, showing the twisters as they ripped through the countryside and homes. But none seem to show Mother Nature's terrifying strength quite like these.

The first is footage taken by a surveillance camera at a gas station and Dairy Queen in Diamond, Ill. Cars started spinning on the road. Within seconds the twister tore the house in view to shreds, removing it completely from its foundation and wiping it from the picture.

tornado demolishes house Footage of a tornado in Illinois as it begins to take down a house. (Image source: YouTube)

tornado demolishes house Seconds later, this is the view of where the house once stood. (Image source: YouTube)

Watch the footage from the TD Pete's Shell/Dairy Queen (Note: If you want fast forward to the action, start around 0:40):

In another surveillance video facing the gas station, the tornado pulled apart metal from the structure. In the video description, the poster wrote "miraculously (there were) NO INJURIES at this location!"

gas station tornado A view of the gas station as the tornado hit. People were in their cars, but no one was hurt. (Image source: YouTube)

Check it out (yes, there were people in those cars):

Then there's a video from a homeowner in Washington, Ill., who filmed the twister as it approached his house and recorded the audio of it hitting and showed the devastating aftermath seconds later.

washington tornado A homeowner in Washington, Ill., filmed this tornado seconds before it hit his house.(Image source: YouTube)

"Uh oh, we're gonna get some s*** here, honey," the man said in darkness taking shelter with his daughter.

"Is this gonna save us?" the daughter asked, referencing something they were protecting themselves with.

"I hope so, honey," he replied.

As the tornado hit the house, the destruction sounded like knocking and almost like a cow mooing among a whiz of air. The girl began to cry and scream, all still in darkness (perhaps the camera or phone was put in the man's pocket preventing a picture…or it was just pitch black).

Then after a few seconds, the tornado was gone.

"Oh my God, Josie," the man said. "Holy moly. …Our house is freaking destroyed, Josie."

washington tornado This is some of what the father and daughter saw as they emerged from their shelter. (Image source: YouTube)

"The neighbor's houses are gone," he said later as he tried to coax his frightened daughter out of the house.

Watch the terrifying footage (Content warning: strong language):

The person who posted this video on YouTube wrote that it belonged to Marc W. on Facebook. TheBlaze could not immediately identify who this was.

(H/T: WMAQ-TV, Reddit)



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