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Administration should be more forthcoming with info on Obamacare, says...


While Robert Gibbs' choice attire was amusing to see on this morning's "Morning Joe," I thought what he had to say was even funnier.

Gibbs, the former media gatekeeper of the "transparent" Obama administration, insisted that his old boss should be "more forthcoming" with information on Obamacare:

"Well, look, I think, you know, the notion that it works for a vast majority of users, obviously, is as many have pointed out an arbitrary measure. We don't know the exact number. It is clear from reporting that people are having a better user experience," Gibbs said.  "Again, I think the pressure now will be on the administration to be more forthcoming about what's happening on the back-end and whether insurance companies are getting the information."

This is the same Robert Gibbs who dodged similar questions about Obamacare transparency from the press while he served as White House press secretary:

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