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Children Offer Up a Simple Message to Inspire People to 'Keep Christ in Christmas


"We put Christ in Christmas when we give the gifts he wants us to give -- the gift of ourselves."

Credit: The Mormon Channel/YouTube

Sometimes simple messages are the most powerful.

A Christmas-themed video from the Mormon Channel, a media outlet owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, breathes new life into the age-old message that treating others with kindness can sometimes be the greatest gift of all.

In making the case, the clip, which features "a Christmas angel, a grumpy old man and an unusual Christmas pageant," tackles the cultural debate that surrounds consumerism and the holiday's faith-based roots.

Credit: The Mormon Channel/YouTube

With gift-giving sometimes overtaking the Christmas season, many complain that the holiday's true message is lost.

"Christmas is a wonderful time of year, because everyone likes to give presents to each other," says one of the children depicted in the video. "But some people think that Christmas has become too commercial; some think we have forgotten how to keep Christ in Christmas."

The kids can then be heard airing a list of resolutions -- pledges they plan to make during the Christmas season. As each kid offers up a change in behavior he or she plans to implement, a wrapped gift is symbolically placed on a table.

Credit: The Mormon Channel/YouTube

"This year for Christmas, I'm going to say I'm sorry more," one child says.

Others pledge to play with their kids more, share their lunches with those who are hungry and stop yelling at people while driving their vehicles. And those are only some of the planned changes -- elements that point to an embrace of Christmas' true meaning.

Credit: The Mormon Channel/YouTube

In the end, the video's message was clear.

"We put Christ in Christmas when we give the gifts he wants us to give -- the gift of ourselves," the narrator says.

We'll leave you with the video below:



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